4 thoughts on “Finland’s Down’s model Maija makes strides on catwalk

  1. First of all: typo:“no unusual”Second, one of the most important stories ever published, requires more research.20-30 years from now this “calm” star will emit a coronal mass ejection causing a world wide ELE.The question here is, where on Earth will the safe zones be and how will we prepare? We can’t even prepare for a biological eventualities.Future article suggestions:How to prepare for hell on earthHow to dress for the apocalypseIs it better to dig down and deep or run like hell?Help! My continent is drifting away!And of course, I am in 3 feet of snow, a volcano just exploded, a tsunami is headed towards me and it’s freezing as it moves and oh look there’s a meteorite heading at me….where’s my TARDIS???To anyone that reads this, we are due for a magnetic polar switch, a coronal mass ejection is inevitable but at least survivable but guessing where is safe is a guess.It’s going to be hell on Earth. gate.io

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